Welcome to part 1 of our mini series on Subversion.  To understand Subversion we must come to know Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schuman.  Without him we would not have any knowledge of this topic.

Yuri Bezmenov was born in Moscow in 1939.  He studied at the Institute of Oriental Studies.  In 1965 he started working for the Novosti Press Agency, in India, the KGB’s propaganda arm.  Initially he began as a free-lance propagandist for Novosti, but he was quickly recruited by the KGB.  Thus, he was assigned to India as a USSR press officer & Public Relations agent.  By 1969 Yuri had become disillusioned with the KGB and the USSR.  So, he defected to the West.  He was subsequently granted asylum in Canada.  Upon arrival, Yuri changed his name to Tomas Schuman and spent his remaining days attempting to educate and enlighten a dumb, naïve, and ignorant population that Lenin called “useful idiots”, to the dangers of subversion.

The video below outlines Subversion in its entirety.  You can also read the reamining parts of our Subversion series to gain a greater understanding of this nefarious tactic.