The Dakota Access Pipeline ignited a flame unlike we have seen for a long time.  The spark grew into a small wild fire with protesters numbering somewhere around 5,000 for months.  Protester from all over the country and some parts of the world flocked to North Dakota to protest construction of the pipeline.  They were stalwart and steadfast in their actions, drawing the support of celebrities like Shailene Woodley (Divergent), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Cornel West (Professor and Revolutionary Communist).  Their motivation was to protect indigenous rights and the water ways, fearing contamination and oppression.

Because there was so much confusion and chaos surrounding DAPL, we have set out to expose the Truth of the Matter.  Are the protester’s claims about indigenous rights and water ways legitimate and verifiable?  Or, is there something else at play?

Here are the Claims, Facts, and Truth about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Protesters’ claims:

  • The pipeline runs through the Indian Reservation on top of an ancient, sacred burial ground
  • The pipeline will contaminate the water supply to the Indian Reservation
  • Construction was ‘fast-tracked’ without a planning process or consultation with the Sioux Indian Tribe
    • The land for the pipeline was seized using eminent domain
  • Security officials and law enforcement officers on scene are immediately escalating the situation by using pepper spray, rubber bullets and water cannons

Facts contrasted with claims:

“The pipeline runs through an ancient, sacred burial ground”

  • The oil company spent years planning and preparing for the project attempting to leave as little environmental impact as possible
  • A natural gas pipeline already exists along the pathway of DAPL
  • The pipeline does not pass through the Reservation
    • It passes somewhere from ½ mile to 2 miles outside of the reservation
  • No survey/investigation has uncovered any ancient burial ground along the pipeline’s route


The pipeline will contaminate the water supply to the Indian Reservation”

  • The pipeline will sit 92 feet below the riverbed
  • Cannonball River, which runs throughout the Indian Reservation, is upstream from the pipeline crossing
  • The company obtained federal permits for crossing water ways, including the Missouri River
  • There are pipelines crossing countless rivers throughout the United States that have no adverse effect on any water supply

Oil Spill

Security officials and law enforcement officers on scene are immediately escalating the situation by resorting to pepper spray, rubber bullets and water cannons before trying to de-fuse the situation”

  • Protesters have not been peaceful – they have moved beyond the scope of the 1st amendment and civil disobedience by:
    • Beating oil company employees
    • Destroying excavators & tractors costing more than $3 million
    • Costing North Dakota $35 million on security, police personnel, and clean up
    • Throwing Molotov Cocktails and other objects, such as rocks, even when asked to peacefully disband & disperse by the local tribes
    • Inciting a rancher’s herd of bison to stampede through the construction site killing approximately a dozen bison, costing the rancher & his family
    • Additionally:
      • One protester fired a weapon at police officers – thankfully no one was hit
      • A bridge’s integrity is potentially compromised because protesters set fire to two vehicles being used as a blockade on the bridge
      • DAPL is a federal project, but no federal authorities have been present to assist in peace keeping
      • Approximately 21.5 million pounds of garbage was collected and removed from the camp sites

“Construction was ‘fast-tracked’ without a planning process or consultation with the Sioux Indian Tribe”

  • The Army corps met with local tribes at least 389 times and proposed 140 route variations to avoid culturally sensitive areas
  • Federal litigation prior to project commencement was resolved
  • Transporting crude via pipeline is more economical and environmentally friendly than transporting via rail
  • It will carry 570,000 barrels of oil per day
    • It would require 750 rail cars a day to meet that volume
  • DAPL is a $3.7 billion project providing between 8-12,000 jobs and $156 million in tax revenue
  • The original route North of Bismarck would have effected an additional 165 acres of land, been 11 miles longer and effected an additional 33 waterbodies
  • The project is approximately 90% complete and was originally scheduled to be done January 1, 2017

Truth of the Matter:

The Truth about DAPL has to do with far more than indigenous rights and water ways, though liberals would have you think that’s what it’s about.  But, as the facts have shown the water ways are not threatened and no indigenous rights are being violated.  So, why did people camp out, for months on end, in the freezing cold?  Why are they going toe-to-toe with law enforcement and security officers who have training, tools & resources unavailable to protesters?

Pipelines in the U.S.

The water ways are not a threatened because the pipeline passes so far below the water bed; furthermore, its downstream, and it’s not the only pipeline that crosses a river in the United States.  There are plenty all over the country crossing numerous rivers.  The Indian Reservation is not even being touched by construction, making that argument a moot point.  So, why did these protests start?  Who is behind them?  What is the Truth of the Matter?

The Truth of the Matter is these protests have nothing to do with water ways or indigenous rights.  The protests have everything to do with Green Energy vs. Big Oil.  In April, 2016, about the same time the protests started, the Sioux Indian Tribe received $250,000 from two different Solar Energy Companies: Con Edison Development and Fegan Inc.  They are also engaged in the construction of a Green Energy Wind Farm in Campbell County, South Dakota, only 100 miles south of the protests.  So, you tell me, why would Con Edison & Fegan Inc. want to stop the construction of the pipeline?

Furthermore, Mark Ruffalo, who has been present on occasion at the protests, owns a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing grants to Green Energy Companies, especially start-ups.  Other than opposing Big Oil, he obviously has a lot to be gained because of his involvement with so many Green Energy companies through his grant giving.

The Sioux Tribal Council unanimously approved to accept the donations from Con Edison & Fegan Inc.  14 members voted to approve, two individuals were excused from the vote, and one abstained.  Otherwise, there wasn’t a single, solitary council member against the donations.  So, why did the protests start?  Because the Indian Tribe was bought off by the Green Energy Companies!  The tribe had hundreds of opportunities during the planning phase to address any legitimate concerns or issues with the proposed route.  Not a word was said!  If there were any legitimate concerns, then would have been the time to address them.  The claim regarding indigenous rights and protecting water ways is a hoax and a lie used to garner sympathy and compassion from ignorant fools all across the country!

And yet, there is still more!  If environmentalists are so concerned about the land and the water ways, why aren’t they concerned about the 750 rail cars the Bakken Oil Field uses every day to transport its crude oil?  Have they not considered the environmental impact of laying a rail road hundreds of miles?  Or the catastrophic damage a runaway train can cause?  A runaway train can cause physical damage to buildings and infrastructure.  And, it can cause personal injury and death!  That’s exactly what happened in Arkansas in 2014 when two trains collided because some safety equipment failed – three people died!  Yet no one is protesting the rail roads!


Believe it or not, there is still more!  Warren Buffet, considered by many to be an icon of American success, bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) in 2011.  BNSF is the rail road the Bakken Oil Field currently uses to transport its crude oil.  It is also the rail road that will be replaced if the Keystone Pipeline is ever approved and completed.  President Obama publicly admitted that Buffet was his number one source of economic advice, therefore he has every interest in being loyal to his buddy, rather than the American people he has sworn to serve!  What a disgrace!

Many may be wondering how these protesters have been able to camp along the route for so many months now.  They aren’t working or getting paid, so how are they surviving?  There are in fact at least three different Go Fund Me pages.  Combined, they have raised over thirteen million dollars!  Despite raising 13 million dollars, protesters also cost the state of North Dakota over 35 million dollars in security and other services.  Additionally, cleanup crews removed over 21 million pounds of garbage and trash that was left behind.  And the protesters claimed they were environmentalists!

Now the pipeline is complete and the protesters have disbanded.  There have been isolated protests across the country as a tribute to the legacy of DAPL, but nothing that has compared in magnitude or scope.  The protest itself drew people from at least 47 states and at least 4 countries.  Truly remarkable feat even in the face of defeat!  But, the Truth of the Matter is, their protest was based on a lie!  They caused immense amounts of damage and cost tax payer’s vast sums of money!  Please, next time you engage in a protest, do your homework first!



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