Lately the term Democracy has been growing in popularity.  People are touting that a Democracy is government by the people; many use it to try and do away with the Electoral College or representatives they do not agree with.  They claim it is a form of government that is inclusive of everyone and that only in a Democracy will everyone’s voices be heard.  They, whoever they are, also claim that the US is and always has been a Democracy.  But, despite what Teachers, Politicians, Commentators, Critics, Vloggers, Authors & News Anchors are saying, the U.S. is in fact, NOT a Democracy.  It never has been.  It is a Constitutional Republic.

The differences between a Democracy and a Republic are small & subtle, but make all the difference in effective governance.  A Democracy is defined as, “government by the people, especially a rule of the majority” and “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections”.  In essence, the general populace votes and the majority rules.  In a Constitutional Republic, representatives are elected, who vote on behalf of their constituents.  That is why individual laws and bills are generally voted on by Representatives and Senators, not the people at large.  Furthermore, the government in a Constitutional Republic is restrained by a written charter or constitution; a Democracy has no such limit!

A Democracy boils down to a dictatorship of the majority.  Whatever group of people comprise the majority, they yield full power to determine the direction the country decides to go.  Minority groups are left helpless, without a voice, and without any guarantees their rights will be protected.  It’s the concept of two bears and a fish deciding what to eat for dinner; the fish better start swimming!

Here are some examples to put ‘Majority Rule’ into perspective – If most the population felt Christianity needed to be banned and barred from the country, for whatever the reason, then it would become law in a democracy; if the majority felt everyone should serve in the military at age 13 for two years, then it would be law; if the majority wanted to establish a 100% income tax on every single man over the age of 30, it would be done.  You see, in a Democracy, there are no limits or restraints placed on the government.  It is free to do what the Majority of the people desire!

Furthermore, a democracy innately pulls and polarizes people into opposing camps and groups.  Because the majority always wins, people will gravitate to and side with the majority.  They surrender their beliefs, ideas, and selves to the roar of the crowd.  They cease to exist as an individual and slowly melt into the Social Construct that is taking over.

As always, there will be those who attempt to stand alone.  They will be brave and courageous, but most likely will not win enough hearts and minds to create a new majority.  Eventually these stalwart individuals will either give up, go home, conform, or be systematically eliminated or exiled as ‘rabble rousers’ and ‘agitators of the public’.  All because at least 50.1% of the people ‘said so’.

In a Republic, individuality is preserved.  People are free to be themselves.  They do not need to fear the majority because there is nothing compelling them to conform to society’s narrow-minded, myopic Group Think.  They can confidently vote for a third party or other rogue candidate, knowing they have a greater opportunity at effecting change.  If they attempted to do so in a democracy, they might as well be a vagabond or an outcast!

Why there are such calls and claims for more democracy, or that the US is a democracy, is difficult to explain.  Nonetheless, it is happening.  If the US transforms into a democracy there won’t be a United States left.  Freedom and liberty, hallmarks of America, will become extinct.  I pray we don’t let that happen!