Communism and Socialism pretend to create a utopia where everyone lives in harmony and equality without the evils of the state.  But, the Truth of the Matter is, Communism and Socialism ultimately produce a Ruling Elite and a Dependent Class!  The idea that people will attain to this utopia is lofty and nothing less than wishful thinking.  Only a virtuous and truly moral people could attempt such a standard of living with any hope of success.  People are naturally envious, greedy, and selfish.  Their concern is for their own survival and the well being of those they love and care for.  Occasionally someone like Mother Theresa comes along, someone who is loving, benevolent, kind, and cares more for others than their self.  But these people are rare and even harder to find to exemplify.

Besides the notion that people will obtain this socialist utopia there exists the fact that there is no freedom without law.  While that probably sounds contradictory, it is a simple axiom to understand.  And here’s why.  It is a government’s job to protect its citizens’ rights and enforce their duties/responsibilities that are inherent in those rights.  People are free when their rights are secure and they can exercise their conscience without infringement or fear thereof; furthermore, in order to maintain those rights they must execute and fulfill the corresponding responsibilities.  But, if there is no law, along with the capability to enforce it, then the there is nothing to prevent someone from infringing on another’s rights thereby limiting their freedom.

For example, the right to life is one of the most fundamental rights a person has.  The inherent responsibilities with that right are: Don’t commit murder, and protect other people that are threatened.  Simple enough?  So, when a person’s life is taken from them, they obviously lose the ability to live.  This is precisely why people are not free without law.  Unless the would-be-killer has the fear of justice and punishment, fear being the most basic and common motivator, then there is nothing to prevent him or her from committing that crime.  Obviously there are other reasons people don’t break the law, but fear of consequences is something everyone can relate to.

Granted, there is the obvious fact that even when just laws exist people still break them.  It is unfortunate.  But it is also an inherent part of life and living with and among other people.  It is also evidence to my previous statement viz. that only the most virtuous and moral group of people could exist harmoniously without law!

Now, many will quickly argue that a government can push and promote people into being virtuous and moral.  It is in fact the very argument Socialists make – that their form of Government is virtuous because it forces people to share and share alike.  They claim it creates an equality among all citizens and eliminates classes.  They allege that their sole existence and purpose is to ‘save the poor’.  It always sounds honorable and noble, but it’s really not.   But I digress, that’s another topic for another day.  Government always operates and enforces at the tip of a sword or behind the sites of a weapon.  Force and coercion are its only methods of achievement.  If people are forced to be virtuous then they really aren’t virtuous.  Their motives aren’t pure, their hearts are not behind their actions.  There is no substance in their actions except fear.  Fear of reprisal and retribution.

The Truth of the Matter is you can discern how virtuous a people are by the number of laws necessary to govern them.  More laws typically indicate they are less virtuous and moral.  They need external restraints, checks, and balances to keep the peace and maintain order.  Whereas a moral and just society will need very few laws because a moral individual does not need those external restraints.  It goes without saying that a government will grow larger and larger the more perverse its citizens become.  Now I digress.

Marx believed and Communists sell the idea that the State would eventually wither away leaving a stateless, and classless, society.  It truly sounds too good to be true.  And that’s because it is.  Here’s why, if the state were to ‘wither away’ it would produce anarchy!  There would be no institution left to enact and enforce laws; there would be no governing body.  As stated and explained, the only way this would be possible would be an exceptionally virtuous, moral, and just society.  Even Vladimir Lenin said, If Socialism can only be realized when the intellectual development of all the people permits it, then we shall not see Socialism for at least five hundred years.”  Even Lenin, Marx’s greatest disciple and Communism’s greatest advancer, recognized this fatal flaw in Communism and the futility of people living in such harmony!

While Marxists and Communists sell the idea of a classless and stateless society, the Truth of the Matter is Communism destroys every other organization and institution while consolidating power with the State.  It does precisely the opposite of what it purports to do.  Both of these theories call for public ownership, or collectivization, of the means of production and distribution.  And there is only one way this can be accomplished and that is through the government.  And how can public ownership and control exist without some sort of governing body to manage everything?  It can’t.

The very definition of a collectivist society is the priority of the group over the individual.  The largest group in any country is its citizens.  And the only thing that has ties to each citizen, is the state.  It is over all and is the lowest common denominator in any country.  Because all things are ‘collectivized’ in the State, it necessitates that every other organization and institution either disappear or become completely subordinate to the group.  (For those who believe in a conspiracy behind a New World Order, this is precisely why Globalists have started labeling everyone as a ‘global citizen’.  If people buy off on this idea, then it is much easier to globally govern everyone under a body such as the United Nations.)

Given the fact that Lenin recognized this inherent flaw, and that history has never produced a utopian Communist/Socialist State, we are left with only one other alternative.  That Communism only produces an ever expanding government that is ran by a Ruling Elite.  Communism and Socialism do not create a classless society.  They create two classes, the Ruling Elite and a second Dependent Class.  The Ruling Elite can be in the form of a monarch, maybe a parliament, the USSR had the Kremlin and the Central Committee of the Communist Party.  It doesn’t matter what form it takes just that it happens.  This has always been the case and always will be.  Every new attempt at Socialism or Communism, that claims to have learned from the mistakes of the past, hasn’t learned.  If they had truly learned they would stay as far away as possible from such an evil and tyrannical form of government!