Challenging Authority

I invite you to ponder and answer this question, “Who, or what, is the one authority in the United States that is not being challenged or undermined?”  If you can answer that question, you can arrive at the root of America’s problems!

We know it isn’t politicians.  Too many people are dissatisfied with the government.  There isn’t enough faith or trust in the system or the people running it.  Trump’s approval ratings are already down and the same is true for Congress.  Even local politicians across the country are not receiving the welcome or support they have traditionally experienced.  The recent Republican Town Hall events across the country are a perfect example

The police are definitely not the answer.  They are considered pigs and the scum of the Earth right now.  A few bad examples and precarious situations have tainted the public’s view of the men in blue.  Anytime an altercation begins involving an officer, citizen journalists whip out their cell phones to ensure they have accurate documentation of what is about to happen.  Many departments have seen a significant loss in the number of officers because they have quit or retired due to the current political state.

The Main Stream Media is no better off.  It’s not trusted unless it spins a story politically in favor of its viewers, listeners, and readers.  It has morphed from a reporting institution that valued the facts and shunned personal commentary, to a political propaganda machine.  Anybody that previously trusted the media, or found it moderately reliable, have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.  It has lost all credibility!

Businessmen, the wealthy, and any other working professional, despite their immense success, are now considered nothing but self-serving exploiters who prey on the poor and the weak.  These are who Marx referred to as the Bourgeoisie and deserve to be overthrown.  Society wants to forcibly take their money and redistribute it to the poor class who haven’t earned a single penny of that wealth.  They are considered to be evil and down right nasty.  No, the Bourgeoisie have no authority in society.

Hollywood, for whatever illogical reason, is actually gaining a foothold as some sort of political authority.  I haven’t the foggiest idea why though.  Why people will listen to actors like Bill Nye, who has no real form of credentials or training as a scientist, or Shailene Woodley, Miley Cyrus, or Madonna, is beyond me.  Nonetheless, people are starting to listen to the worthless babble that Hollywood produces.  Hopefully it won’t last long.

bill nye.png

Sadly parents are not the answer either.  Worse, the family has all but disintegrated in society leaving parental authority completely out of the picture.  Single parent homes abound leaving kids alone and unsupervised.  They become unaccustomed to authority and accustomed to not having any.  The homosexual and transgender movements seek to completely overthrow the institution of marriage which will only further denigrate parental authority.  Children, which have traditionally been seen as the lifeblood of the future and a gem of happiness in their parent’s life are now nothing more than a financial burden and an impediment to parent’s freedom.  Parental authority isn’t just being overthrown by the children, parent’s are also self-inflicting this wound.

What about science and religion?  April saw the March for Science on Earth Day.  Are people suddenly seeking science for answers?  Sounds too good to be true to me.  If science were truly revered and believed, the Transgender movement wouldn’t exist.  How could it?  The facts don’t lie, and neither does Biology, that there are only two chromosomes and only two genders.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot modify or alter reality to fit someone’s feelings.   I don’t think religion even needs to be addressed as a pertinent authority in society today.  Atheism is the fastest growing religion in the U.S.  Enough said…

So, have you figured it out yet?  Who, or what, is the one authority that has not been undermined or actively challenged in our society?  The answer, your university professors.  They are the ones creating, to a significant degree, the quagmire of problems we have.  They are indoctrinating our youth who are taught from the time they can walk that college is the ONLY path to financial success.  They covertly and overtly subvert every other institution and organization that doesn’t politically align with their views.  Like the media, they have politically spun their curriculum and classes but unlike the media, they have gone unchecked.  They praise their students for being critical of ideas and other authority, but in the same breath they chastise those who would dare question their own authority.  And the rising generation is dying to get to college.


Don’t believe me?  Look at the protests occurring across the country.  Many of them are centered in and around our college campuses, but I have yet to see one protesting a professor.  There are many that protest the administration and its policies, but professors are sitting behind the scenes quietly orchestrating their symphony.  They have quietly been conducting an intellectual revolution, beneath our very noses.  Granted, this is only a tidbit of evidence, but I invite you to look further and think about it.  If you don’t come to the same conclusion, I invite a response.