Pepsi, I’m sorry, but you are spineless! You’re intentions were phenomenal, the execution of the advertisement was fantastic, but now, you are worthless! It is not your fault that Deray McKesson was offended by your outreach and commercial! It’s not your fault the Black Lives Matter movement was offended by creative piece of marketing! It’s not your fault! Your intention was not to offend! People almost always take offense, and it is rarely ever intended. Therefore, Deray and his Black Lives Matter comrades need to get over themselves!

But, that doesn’t change the fact that you are spineless! You are allowing a very small minority, and one whose claims are not based on facts, dictate you and your company! I get that you have to sell a product and your consumers need to be happy. But what about your customers who aren’t in the tiny minority of Black Lives Matter and its sympathizers? Did you consider what their reaction might be to you pulling the ad or were you scared you weren’t being ‘politically correct’? Have you forgotten that our current president is one of the least politically correct individuals in the media, but he got elected? Do you really think it was a smart idea to bow to multi-culturalism when it hasn’t always benefited people?

This is the epitome of our problems today and an enormous contributor to the rising generation of Snowflakes. The Nano-second someone is offended, the alleged ‘offender’ backs now, bows down, and begins to beg for forgiveness! That is utter nonsense. These are the very attitudes and actions that are producing ‘safe spaces’, anti-free speech movements, and sensitivity training!

Really Pepsi, you can do better! We all can do better!