The name of the game is hate and it is destroying the country!  Rather than truly tolerating and agreeing to disagree we continue to vilify and attack each other.   Such is the case right now with Melania Trump, merely because she is married to Donald.  Unfortunately, in so doing, regardless of our intentions, we fall right into the Communist’s play book.  And before anyone begins accusing me of McCarthyism or being a Birtcher, I ask you to hear me out and finish reading this!

The Russian Commissar of Education wrote, “We must hate Christians and Christianity. Even the best of them must be considered our worst enemies. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the revolution. Down with love for one’s neighbor. What we want is hate. Only then shall we conquer the universe.”  And why do they want hate?  Because it sparks the fire of revolution; it paves the way for irritation and agitation, which produces hate and anger, then follows violence.  That violence grows and grows until order needs to be established again.  This can be as small as a municipality or as large as a nation, it doesn’t matter.  But, out of this crisis, Revolutionary Communists, intend to step in establish their definition of order!  While people are grobbling around in the streets, many will be begging for relief, for someone, anyone, to step in and fix everything.  And they will get exactly what they begged for… someone powerful enough to implement controls over that section of society.  And when government has that much power, call it Communist, Fascist, Nationalist, or any other ‘ist’, it means only one thing – Totalitarianism.  And with that, a complete loss of freedom and liberty!

Hate will destroy us.  And if it isn’t through a revolution like the Communists want, it will be through civil war; it will be through the destruction of civility; it will be through the desolation of peaceful dialogue, mutual tolerance and understanding.  Hate only destroys, it doesn’t create!

Please, let’s begin to love rather than hate that our children, and our grandchildren, will have a life worth living!