The family, which has been under attack for too long, and any length of period is too long, has yet another assault attempting to destroy it.  The University of South Dakota has installed free condom dispensers in its dormitory bathrooms.  Why?  Because of the rise of STDs.

Yes, cause that makes perfect sense.  ‘Cause providing free condoms to students is going to deter them from fornicating when in fact it will only encourage it!  Not to mention that no condom is 100% effective!

Why don’t we teach timeless values and morals about the family, or virtue, or chastity for that matter?  The sexual revolution only tends to the dissolution of the family which only accelerates the growth of government and socialist policies.  Not that universities have helped the family in any way, shape, or form for quite some time now, but they are stooping to a whole new level!

#mythofeducation #socialismsucks