This video from the left begins with “This man wants to create a world without money where everyone is provided for.”  What a noble and ideological pursuit… but it fruitless!  For thousands of years man has bartered, traded, and exchanged goods in one shape or another.  Sometimes this was through direct barter, without the use of coins or money, other times money was used to facilitate the transaction.  Regardless, trade is an intricate part of any society!

This beloved centenarian has been attempting this experiment for over 80 years now.  The one piece of evidence he cites for the possibility of success is a library.  Why, because according to him, libraries operate without money.  Last I checked that was completely FALSE!  Libraries receive funding, whether through taxes and the public, or through private endeavors.  They are always funded.  There are also fees and fines for late and unreturned books and movies.  Sorry little old man, but I’m not sure that you’re experiment has any legs to stand on!

Furthermore, socialism and communism have purported to do the same thing viz. “To Save the Poor”.  And guess what, they have ALWAYS failed and they ALWAYS will!  You cannot force people to be equal, you can only provide equality of opportunity!