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Socialism Destroys Freedom!

Our information focuses on what we call the “Sparks of Socialism”.  These Sparks are the affairs, arguments, concerns, and controversies within society that may ‘prove capable of setting the fire‘ of revolution.  That revolution is intended to produce one thing, and one thing only viz. Socialism!  Sparks are not limited.  They can range from a host of issues, therefore, enumerating them is counter-productive and will only limit our ability to educate you about them.  In short, anything that produces heat (anger, hate, violence, crisis) within society, is a Spark.  Sparks are non-partisan and equally apply to everyone regardless of political adherence or party.  No one is exempt from responsibility within the society where they reside.

Sparks of Socialism - Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin

One of the largest Sparks facing the United States, and the world at large, are the massive amounts of protests and riots.  Protesting has always been considered ‘The American Way’, so it should not be any surprise that Americans are in the streets again.  But, the increasing tendency towards public disruption, violence, and anarchy, that falls well outside First Amendment protections, is doing nothing more than producing the Sparks that will ignite the the flames of revolution.

Never in America’s history has there been such a time of irritation and agitation.  Every where we turn, people are fighting, violence is on the rise, and civil discourse is disintegrating.  Unless people come to agreements and mutual understanding, or at least agree to disagree without being disagreeable, the brush fire that has started will become a bonfire in a dry forest that will engulf society.  And if that happens, everyone loses!  We admonish everyone to return to sound, proven principles of government, to engage in civil discourse and peaceful debate, to seek to understand the opposing point of view.  And, above all else, we beseech everyone to ‘love they neighbor’.  If we fail the American way of life will become but a memory in the annals of history and the fire of freedom may be extinguished for countless generations yet unborn!

Sparks of Socialism - Anatoliy Golitsyn.png
Anatoliy Golitsyn

For more information about the Sparks of Socialism or any of the controversies confronting society, click on the Sparks tab. Though our focus is on Socialism and its destructive nature, we will seek to educate our readers on any topic that touches and adversely affects the fabric of our society.

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